Best 3 Highest Paying IT jobs [2021] !! Highest paying IT jobs for BTech students

Best IT paying jobs in India 2021

Hey welcome to our technical website..“Today we are going to tell about high paying IT jobs”

So, guys if you are IT students no one better then you understand how much hustle and hard work you had done for your formal education and after this now you are in search of best, reputed, and high paying job which will justifies those years of burning the midnight oil.

Hence, we bring to you list of top 3 best and high paying jobs for IT students. I am sure this list will help you to choose the best and right career, We made it quite easy for you to choose the desired one.



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  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND MACHINE LEARNING ENGINEER is our first high paying IT job.So, what work to do in this field? they usually build and test AIML models.
  • Today AI and ML has reached a point where it can surpass the human desicion making, more accurately consistently 24/7 and based off more facts which is why AI and ML engineer are on top of the game.
  • As they are the only one who lead our path into our future. But to be AI ML engineer you need certain qualification and skill.
  • Let’s see for startup or for base you can start with essential math and statistics and follow on by learning programming languages, you also need to know the tools and technologies involved in machine learning, deep learning and Neural networks.
  • Now, most of you will worry about AI ML training programs but you don’t need to be because there are many online program like edureka, etc who offers variety of AI ML training programs.
  • Let’s talk about its pay so, there are many brilliant companies who pay master such as Google, uber, Facebook, instagram and twitter who pay average salary of 171,000 US dollar or 20 LPA in india to AI and ML engineers.


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  • CLOUD ARCHITECT is our second high paying IT job.
  • So, the work of of cloud architect is to take all the requirements of cloud-based project and turn it into an architecture or design that will guide the final product.
  • Sometime, they are also expected to bridge the gaps between business problems and also cloud solutions.
  • So, to be a cloud architect you need certain qualification and skill such as you need clear understanding of OS like Linux, cloud security, cloud architecture and understanding of vendors such as AWS, GSP, and AZURE.
  • There are many online programs that offers you variety of other programs which will help you to be proficient in cloud computing as this will give you great cloud computing experience.
  • Let’s talk about its pay so, there are many brilliant companies who pay master such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and HTC pay as high as they can that is upto 155,000 US dollars to the cloud computing experts and 16 LPA in India.


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  • DATA ENGINEER is our third high paying IT job.
  • So, the work of data engineer is to connect all the pieces of the data ecosystem of an organization.
  • They are mainly responsible for acquiring, assessing, auditing, and processing data from different applications, building data pipelines as well as maintaining database architecture in several companies.
  • Data engineering equips an strong foundation in software engineering and programming so that they can provide that tools to the companies which will lead them to the success.
  • Before being an data engineer you need to be proficient in big data processing frameworks, real-time processing frameworks, database architecture, ETL, query language, as well as they need to have good sound understanding of operating systems like Linux or Unix.
  • Let’s talk about its pay so, there are many brilliant companies who pay master such as MacAfee, Walmart, and Ernst paying higher salaries such as 144,000US dollars or 16 LPA in India.