3 Best Smartphones Under 10000 in India (2022)!! latest Android phone under 10000

Best 3 phones under 10000 in India 2021
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Hello friends, welcome to our technical website.Friends, after a period, the time has gone such that day by day new technologies are being pursued. And if seen, why not do it, because with the development in technology, our work is becoming easier.

Now if we compare for example before and after the development of technology, then friends, where earlier people used to use letters for communication, today we have got so much facility that we can easily reach abroad by sitting at home. Can maintain, talk to them and even see them.

By the way, you must have understood from all these things that what we have brought for you today. Still, let us tell you that today we have brought for you- “SMARTPHONES”.

With the help of Smartphone you can do video calls, communicate with each other, do work related to your business, do photography, play games, etc. So overall, apart from being such a multipurpose item, it has also become a means of employment.

Anyway, it is needed in every house, it is obvious. That is why seeing the increasing demand for smartphones, today we have brought you one of the three best smartphones. So if you have thought of getting smartphones, then once you have a look at the lists given below. With its help, you will definitely be able to get the best smartphone.

So let’s know about the benefits of smartphones at first.

  • It is an earliest communication device. With the help of which you can stay in touch with your near and dear ones far and wide.
  •  With the help of this, you can watch people away from yourself live, study, attend meetings, do business related work, connect with the means of employment, and many more.
  • Talking about today’s generation, friends also have a lot in smart phones for them, such as can play games, use social sites, creativity awakens. Apart from this, the option of camera is also a tremendous advantage for the people who are fond of photography.
  •  If the whole essence is seen, then it is such a device that everyone from children to old people can use it and it is beneficial for everyone in their own way.

So let’s start the list of three best smartphones.

1. Nokia 2.4 Android 10 Smartphone

From Amazon

  • This is a great item and its cost also falls within your budget. In this you get 1651cm) HD + full screen.
  •  By turning on the night mode present in it, you can click beautiful photos even in the dark.
  •  You get perfect portrait mode in it so that you can blur the background.
  • With the help of 4500mAh AI-assisted adaptive battery, you can use the phone continuously for two days on a single charge.
  • You get a big screen in it, which has the advantage that your eyes will not be stressed.
  • Your phone is unlocked only with a personal touch, you can either use fingerprint or AL face unlock.
  • Item Weight – 189 g
  • Price- ₹9,898

2. Tecno Spark 7 (Spruce Green)

From Amazon

  • This is the second best device in which you get 3GB RAM and 64 GB storage.
  •  If you look at its camera, then its back camera is of 64 mp and front camera is of 8 mp.
  •  In this you get 6.52HD + Do Not touch display.
  • The Smartphone comes with 6000 mAh Max Power battery backup with 5 days standby.
  •  For privacy, both fingerprint and face unlock are available.
  •  Item Weight 203 g
  •  Price- ₹8,499

3. LG W31 (Midnight Blue)

From Amazon

  •  It is an all rounder device which has triple real camera, 6.52 inches display is available.
  •  In this you get 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM.
  •  It has full HD vision so that your eyes feel comfortable.
  •  4000mAh Lithium Polymer battery is available which lasts for a long time.