How to earn money from share market in india (2022) || share market se paise kese kamaye

What is share market? How to use share market

Hello friends .Welcome to our website. Today we show you how to invest money in share market. What is share market? How can we take profit from this? We will tell you this in today’s post. You have to read this post completely. Today’s post is going to be very important for you guys, so without any hindrance you have to read it completely.

This is going to be great for your mentor. In this you will know how to invest money in it and how to take double profit from this?

What is Share market ?

So friend first of all we will tell you what is share market. The company sends its shares in the stock market and here the consumer, whoever wants to buy this shares, will profit only when the company will make profit.In the stock market, Mutual Funds, Debentures, apart from this many other securities are bought and sold, they can be bought and sold only through the Stock Exchange.

If you want to invest in the share market, then first of all you have to understand why the company comes in the share market because we get profit or loss from the company itself. If the company makes profit then we will also profit and if the company loses then we will also suffer.

Any company enters the stock market so that it can make good profit, when it needs money for the growth of the company. So the company brings and sells shares in the share market, it gets money which it uses well.

What is Demat Account?

We can store our money in demat account. Like we keep our money in the bank. Similarly, here we can keep the stock market money in the demat account.

Demat Account is used to invest money in Share Market, all the money deposited in our Saving Account has to be invested in it, from here you can invest money in Share Market and whatever profit will come in our account.

How to open Demat Account?

To open a Demat Account, first of all we will need to do KYC of our Bank Account, this account manages all our Funds Shares and provides all the information related to the Fund etc. we buy, we Demat Account in the same way. Can open as we open a normal account in the bank.

What is Trading Account?

Trading account is an account in which we can buy or sell our shares. Talking about Trading Account, through this we can use it to buy and sell in our Shares Business.You can either open it with a broker, he can manage your account, being online, you can see it anytime and you can buy and sell shares.

Important Documents for Demat Account and Trading Account :-

We should keep it for opening our account

  •  pass-port size photographs
  • Address proof
  • Pan Card
  • income proof

You have to give a photocopy of all these documents as well as ask for the original for verification and after this process, once you see all the papers,

How does the price change in the share market?

Friends, you must have started understanding the maths of Share Market,So the price of shares keeps changing according to its demand and supply in the market. If the number of buyers of shares is more than the sellers,

So the price of shares will increase and if the number of sellers is more than those who buy, then its price will decrease.

What is Sensex and Nifty?

Sensex: Talking about the word Sensex, it is made up of Sensitive and Index words, it is the point of Bombay Stock Exchange, it is determined by the companies which are registered in BSE.

We can say in simple language that if the Sensex rises then the company registered in BSE is performing well and if it falls then the performance is doing poorly.

Nifty: Talking about the Nifty word, it is made up of the word National and Fifty, it is the point of the National Stock Exchange, it is determined on the basis of the total value of the companies in the market of the companies which are registered in NSE.

Types Of Securities :-

Friends, now let’s talk about some securities of the stock market or share market, because many of us think that only shares can be traded in the stock market, but this does not happen,

Like shares, there are some securities which we can use in trading and trade in the stock market.

1) Mutual Funds :- now we are Talking about Mutual Funds, it does not give us the chance to invest in the Share Market itself, but it gives us the chance to invest in other places, if we invest in Mutual Funds. So the money invested in it is invested in bonds of government and private companies, so it is easy to invest in Mutual Fund like a bank and the facility is also good.

2) Bond :- Bond is like a loan in a way, when a company needs money, then they can take loan or they can take loan through public.As an Investor and the public do Bond, and they have to return the money on a fixed date, the companies which are there, they pay interest from the fixed rate on the bond,Timely interest is given on the fixed rate through the company and when the bond’s time is over, then the repayment is done.

SIP :- Sip is called Systematic Investment Plan, there is only one way to invest in SIP Mutual Fund, a fixed amount is invested in it,Investing through SIP can be a very good way for those who do not have much knowledge about the share market and are aware of its modalities in the market.

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