Top 5 Most weird things made from gold 2023 || useless things made out of Gold

Top 5 useless things made out of Gold


Hey, guys welcome to our technical website..“Today we are going to tell you about five most weird and useless thing made out of gold”

So let’s get into Five ridiculous things made out of gold:

❖ 24 karat Gold Mask

  • All around the world put a lot of money into looking good by doing all kinds of weird and wonderful beauty treatment and from the strangest ingredients to the oddest procedures there’s something out there for everyone when it comes to fixing up your face body or skin but there’s one treatment out there that’s excessive both in cost and ingredients, a 24 karat gold mask.
  • In this first a serum is applied to allow a better penetration of the gold mask then a gold leaf mask is applied and left on for a short
    period of time lastly the gold mask is massaged into your face with a special serum.
  • Supposedly the gold mask has anti-aging properties that will increase blood circulation and
    improve the elasticity of the skin gold is also said to decrease the loss of collagen in the skin it even has antioxidant antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, properties which all help to reduce acne and redness however the cost of rubbing real gold onto your face is definitely more expensive than your average cleanser or toner a session at a fancy beauty salon can come in at around 1250 dollars a pop there are even rumors that some celebrities spent forty thousand dollars a year on this extravagant treatments.


  • There really is no limit when it comes to how their rich will spend their millions what would
    you say if we told you that you could buy gold toilet paper toilet papers actually the one thing
    we think that we’d rather not spend any more money on than necessary but, those who make a lot of money seem to be willing to pay for the luxury sure it is something that you’re able to enjoy for a few seconds before flushing it down.
  • The toilet and it can be a great way to impress your guests there are a few different types of gold toilet paper on the market but one roll in particular came at a staggering cost.
  • The roll which was sold by Australian company toilet paper man back in 2013 was reportedly made from 22 karat gold and cost a whopping 1.3 million dollars.
  • The website claim that each roll was to be hand-delivered and came with a bottle of champagne which is exactly what you need when you’re on the toilet and anyone with concerns for comfort can take a deep breath of relief because the toilet paper was three ply which we all know is the good stuff who knew that people would literally want to flush their
  • money down the toilet.


  • if you’d prefer for Gold cheese long Clawson dairy and Leicestershire England made a special holiday cheese made with gold back in 2011 it cost nearly $8 for a thin cracker sized
    portion of his cheese that might not sound like a lot of money until you do the math and figure out that that’s nearly $80 for a mere 100 grams made from premium white Stilton shot
    through with a combination of real edible gold leaf and real gold liqueur its creator said that it
    was Britain’s blingiest cheese Clawson Stilton gold was the world’s most expensive Stilton
    and it was also the most expensive cheese of any kind made in the UK it might not be
    accessible to everyone Especially now that the limited time sale is over but a Golf based oil Sheik and a famous pop star are reportedly some of the people who expressed interest in
    this luxurious cheese.


  • Toilet what goes better with a real gold toilet paper than a real gold toilet to sit on best of all you didn’t even have to buy this gold toilet to use it this particular gold toilet is a work of art by Maurizio Cattelan and it was on display at New York’s Guggenheim Museum between 2016 and 2017.
  • The Italian artist had taken the unusual step of allowing viewers not only to witness the bowl but to also try it out for themselves made out of eighteen karat gold, this while it was probably the closest and most intimate encounter that most people ever had with a piece of artwork the toilet was installed in a private room on the fifth floor and it was
    named america while we think that we would just be happy to get a photo of it people reportedly queued up for two to three hours to be able to use it.


  • You can actually have gold poop if you want to well you can’t buy gold poop as far as we know but you can buy gold pills that will give you the desired effect each purchase will set you back around four hundred and twenty-five dollars which is a lot to spend on any kind of poop the pill is filled with 24 karat gold leaf and is also dipped in gold it’s perhaps the first product in the world that we think could actually be 100% entirely useless and it’s definitely not something that you’ll be able to show off to your friends and the worst part there aren’t actually any notable benefits that come with consuming real gold in reality the gold leaf element of the pill might even mess with your digestive system and that’s not something
    we’d wish on anyone not even the richest people around but if
    you’re the type of person that has spare 425 dollars lying around to spend on these pills let us know how it goes.