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3 best smartphone under 5000 in India (2021)
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Hello, welcome to our technical website.So friends, the offer we have brought for you today is the best smartphone under 5000 in India. So friends, as you all know youth has progressed a lot. Now the time to reach out to each other through letters is over.

Technology has developed so much that sitting at home, we can study, talk to our special people, communicate with each other, shop, find employment etc. Friends, if we start telling you all the advantages of the smartphone, then it will become a very big list and you understand this very well.

So friends, we are just trying to tell you that if we are getting so many benefits in just Rs 5000, then why don’t we bring this wonderful item to your home? Friends, with the help of this, you can prevent your children from going out due to this epidemic and can easily teach them at home, communicate with your family members, watch your loved ones live through vedio call ,you can attend your meetings, and if you are afraid to go out due to the pandemic, you can even order your food and clothes at home.

So overall, this is such a multipurpose item that we are not going to have any losses. That’s why people’s demand for this item is increasing very much and keeping in mind the demand of all of you, we have brought such offers for you so that you can get the best item and easily come in your budget.

So we have come up with three best smartphones under 5000! Whose lists are as follows.

But before starting the lists, let’s know some special benefits of smartphones so that you can also help in buying the best.

  •  Talking about today’s generation, friends also have a lot in smart phones for them, such as can play games, use social sites, creativity awakens. Apart from this, the option of camera is also a tremendous advantage for the people who are fond of photography.
  •  If the whole essence is seen, then it is such a device that everyone from children to old people can use it and it is beneficial for everyone in their own way.
  • If you are getting bored then you can also make it a means of your timepass and if you want, you also get a huge store of knowledge in it.

So let’s start the list of three best smartphones::


  • With 15.46 cm and 6.1 HD in this device, you are getting one of the best items.Which you can use as a portable charger.
  •  You get 5000 mAh long lasting battery in it. Which offers you 24 hours of music, 9 hours of movie watch, and about 42 hours of call timing.
  •  Its 2.5D curved glass and sleek design give it a smooth look so that you can enjoy and feel smooth while chatting or doing some other work in it.
  • In this you get 32 ​​GB of ROM and up to 2 GB of RAM. In which you can save your necessary documents, photos, videos, songs, other files.
  •  The best part is that you get a dual camera in it (13 MP + bokeh lens) with back camera and 5 MP front camera.Apart from this, along with the best photos, you can also enjoy other cool camera modes, slow motion, HRD mode, time lapse in it.
  • The storage capacity can be expanded up to 256 GB and dual SIM is available in it.
  •  In this you get so much security that you can also apply your face unlock.
  •  Price- 4,999

2. I KALL K200

  •  Friends, this is the second one of the best device in which you are getting 2500 mAh long lasting battery with 5.5 inch display which is enough to run for a day.
  •  In this you get 5 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera.
  • Apart from this, you are getting 2GB ram, 16GB storage in it.
  •  Dual SIM is available in this.
  •  Price- 4999

3. I KALL K5 Smartphone

  •  Friends, this is the third such device in which you get a 5.45 inch display, which prevents stress on your eyes and you can enjoy it easily.
  •  You get a 5 MP rear camera with dual LED flash as well as a 2 MP front camera.
  •  In this you get 16 GB of internal storage in which you can save your valuable documents, files, etc.
  •  You get a 2500 mAh long lasting battery in it, which you can easily run throughout the day.
  •  Apart from all this, Android 6.0 marshmallow with 1.3 Ghz Quad Core is available in it.
  •  Price- 4,299

So friends, if we are getting the best multipurpose item within our budget, then why don’t we reduce our difficulties by buying it.

Hope this has helped you a lot and helps you choose the best one.