How to fix dth signal from Smartphone[2022]!! Mobile se dish ke signal kese banaye

How to fix dth signal from Smartphone in India 2021

Hello guys, welcome to our technical website. So friends, today we will tell you how you can fix the antenna signal of your TV from Smartphone.

With this, friends all agree that nowadays TV has become an interesting means of entertainment in every house and especially in the Corona era.

But friends, if ever you are enjoying the best programs coming in TV for entertainment and in such a situation, if suddenly your TV signal goes out due to any storm or heavy rain, then what will you do?At that time your fun will be spoiled and then you will also have to pay money to whomever you have to call to fix the TV signal.But friends, now you do not need all the frills, because today we will tell you how you can overcome this dilemma yourself.


Yes friends, with the help of the method we will tell you, even if your TV is free dish, dish tv, d2h, airtel, etc., whatever it may be, it will be fine and you will also be able to earn money by fixing the signal. For this you do not even need any other device.

So let us now know how you can save your money and fix it yourself without calling the company when the TV signal is bad.

  • For this, you need to take your smartphone with you and keep following them step by step as the rights tell.
  • And keep in mind that no step should be skipped in the middle, because then you will be in a dilemma and the work will remain incomplete.

Following are the required material –

  • Android mobile
  • Antenna company -dish /d2h
  • Antenna wise company frequency

The frequency of DD Free Dish and Dish TV is given by the steps below, so you do not need to worry for that.


Step 1- The first step is that you have to go to the play store of your Android phone and download the satellite finder app.
Apart from this, we have given you the links of some apps below, you can install any as per your convenience.

Step 2- Then you have to open the app. As soon as you open the app, the process of loading will start for a while and then the page of instructions will open. You have to keep doing it left and next.

Step 3- Then, a new page will open after following the instructions. This page will ask you for permission for the location to trace the TV antenna by satellite.You have to allow and you will get two options here – “find and help”. You have to click on find.

If even after finding the location, your location is not traceable and the error appears, then you do not need to worry.

All you have to do is go to your phone’s settings and change the low power consumption to high accuracy, given below the location.And then after seeing the right mark on High Accuracy, you have to open the app again.

Step 4- Now a new page will open and you have to click on Select Satellite and select the frequency of the company whose antenna is there. Here we are telling you the frequency of DD free dish and dish TV, if you want from other company then you can easily find it by checking on internet.

The frequency of DD free dish is G-set 15 and the frequency of dish TV is NSS-6 -95 degrees east.
Now you have to search by typing in the search box of the new page Select Satellite and then select it.

Step 5- Now you have to place your phone in the LMB rod of the antenna.Keep in mind that the phone is not to be kept standing in the rod, but it has to be placed side by side on the LMB road and the antenna has to be rotated.

And as soon as you get the signal, your phone will start vibrating itself.
In the middle of this clock-shaped figure, you will see a green colored satellite icon, in the same direction the antenna has to be rotated.

By doing this the signal will be easily available and your TV will start playing.