Best digital microscopes under 4000 in India !! Best Microscope for medical students

Best Budget microscope for Biology Practical
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Best laboratory Microscopes in india-

Welcome guys,Today we are here with best microscopes for you.If you are a student of microbiology or works in a lab Or searching for a microscope.Then you must heed on the following list .

These microscopes are the latest one and are under affordable price.

Before starting let’s have a look on Benefits And Uses Of Microscopes-

  • These can be used in laboratory by scientists.
  • These are helpful in the study of micro organisms.
  • These are one of the most important diagnostic tool for the doctors.When the doctors examine the tissue samples.
  • These are widely used in branch of biology mostly in
    Molecular Biology and Histology.
  • So these are some uses of microscopes and Hope the given list will also help you-

1-Tobo Digital Microscope 

From Amazon

  • This microscope lets you to experience the thrill and discovery of a whole new microscopic world- totally hidden from the naked eye.
  • It has an ability to magnify the objects upto 1000 times.
  • Digital USB Microscope Built in a HD Color (CMOS) Sensor and consisting of High Speed DSP.
  • High quality IC and electronic components, with clear image quality, low power consumption and high-resolution are in it.
  • Applicable in the Inspection of Skin, Hair, Education, Collection, Industrial, and Biological works etc- Compatible with USB (3.0, 2.0 and USB 1.1).
  • Light Source Type – LED
  • Price -3499

2- Esaw Student Compound Biological Microscope –

From Amazon

  • This microscope purposes LED Substage and mirror light also which helps you to see various elements like blood sample, bacteria or any kind of elements which you put onto Microscope Slides.
  • Overall it is best microscope for academics .
  • It comprises of 10x and 15x WIDE-FIELD EYEPIECES with 10X and 45X BRASS OBJECTIVES .
  • Which are THE PERFECT COMBINATION in a Microscope-
  • It’s Magnification is between (100x TO 675x)and 4 MAGNIFICATION SETTINGS are Available in it – (100X, 150X, 450X and 675x).
  • It is with 25 Prepared Glass Slides.
  • Price -3999

3 – VIBOTON WiFi Digital Microscope-

From Amazon


  • It Is a another new microscope with HIGH Magnifying PERFORMANCE of (50X to 1000X) and magnification is adjustable in it.
  • Built in 2.0 Megapixel CMOS sensor and also supports capturing pictures and recording video with different video quality of (1080P/720P/640P/480P)and also provides 33ft wireless working range.
  • This digital microscope features 8 LED lights which allows you to adjust the brightness level for enhanced detail and optimal viewing clarity when you are observing on microscope.
  • 900mAh RECHARGEABLE pocket sized BATTERY is available. Takes 2 hours to charge.
  • Easy in use and connectable to WiFi and Compatible with Android 4.3, iOS 8.0, Windows vista/7/8/10, Mac OS X 10.8.
    Package Dimensions -16.3 x 11.8 x 4.7 cm and of 280 Grams weight.
  • Light Source Type -LED .
  • Power Source – Battery Powered.
  • Price -2999.