Best Budget Laptop’s under 30000 in India !! Best Laptop under 30K

Top 3 Best Laptops under 30000 2021
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Hello friends and welcome to our technical website.
Today we have brought  “LAPTOP” for you which is a very needy item in modern times.Due to the development of latest technology, it has made our way of working very easy. And its most beneficial thing is that due to the epidemic, we used to have difficulty in doing work of our offices, schools, colleges, etc., by phone, it reduces it to a great extent. Because working with the phones puts a lot of emphasis on our eyes and it is also harmful for us. So if you are looking for or interested in laptops, then friends, take a look at the list below. This will definitely help you in choosing the best.

So friends, before you start, take a look at its benefits, maybe it will help you to choose better.

  • Friends are all familiar with the fact that this is the era of technology, but anyway laptops have more mobility than computers and are more powerful than phones.
  • Its other important advantage is that it is quite easy to use, due to its lightweight, you can carry it anywhere with ease.
  •  With its help, you are able to do many things at the same time.

1.HP 14 (2021) Thin & Light Intel Celeron N4500 Laptop

From Amazon


  • It is also one of the best laptops whose operating system is WINDOW 10.
  • Its screen size is 14 inches and the computer memory size is 8 GB.
  • Due to its long lasting battery, you can stay connected with your mater for a long time.
  • Its display gives you full HD so that your eyes do not get too stressed and you are able to do your work easily.
  • Its most important thing is that even after working for 7-8 hours regularly, your laptop does not get hot.
  • Item Weight – 1 kg 460 g
  • Price-₹29,990

2 .Asus X509MA-BR270T/ Silver/ Intel Celeron N4020/ RAM 4GB/ SSD 256GB/ 15.6 inch HD/ FP/ 2Cell/ Win 10SL

From Amazon

  • This is another best item whose size is 15.6 inches that is also full HD.
  • 4 GB RAM, Fingerprint Reader, V G A Web Camera, Bluetooth Four Point Two, etc. are also present in this best item.
  • Also, this item also has One Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Its clear HD gives comfort to your eyes so that your eyes do not get stressed too much.
  • So overall we can say that this is a best item.
  • Price-₹27,750

3. HP Notebook PC 245 G7 14″ (35.56cms) Laptop

From Amazon

  • This laptop is a very light weight without optical disk device and you can easily take it anywhere.
    In this item you are also getting one year warranty.
  • There is operating system window 10 in it.
  • Its standing screen display size is of 14 Inches.
  • Item Weight – 1 kg 500 g
  • Price- 25,990