Best 3 Canon Dslr camera lenses for ultimate photography (2021) !! Canon DSLR lense under 10000

3 Best budget DSLR camera lenses for photography and videography (2021)
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Hello, welcome to our technical website. So friends, as you must be aware, where we are so much fond of DSLR cameras, the lens of those cameras also plays an important role in photography. Or rather say that today we have brought for you the lens for your camera as well as will tell you how the lens makes your photo even better at the time of photography.

Many such important things for photography that determine the quality of your photo and one of them is the “lens”. If you have a good quality lens then you can click great photos even with the help of a simple camera and on the other hand if you have a good quality camera and do not have a lens then your photo will not be able to come as you want.

Just by these small things you can guess how big a role a lens plays in your photography.So keeping all these things in mind and in view of the increasing demand for lenses nowadays, today we have brought you the list of one of the three best lenses.

So let’s know once before that how can we say that the lens is effective in making the level of our photography even better?

A camera lens is an item that is used to illuminate at a fixed focal point. Friends, the first function of the lens is that at the time of photography, it collects the light from the surrounding scene and makes a wonderful image in the digital sensor present behind the camera.

And the same if you try to take a photo without a lens, then you can get only white light on your photo.So you can also take the camera lens and make your photos even more colourful, even better!

So let’s start the list of three best lenses-

1. Canon EF 70-200mm

  •  This lens is designed in such a way that it offers you a versatile telephoto zoom for its full frame.
  •  This lens distinguishes an L-series telephoto zoom with its bright design and advanced optics.
  • Its focus type works both auto and manual with maximum focal length 200 and minimum focal length 70.
  • And for example, talking about its versatile nature, it works easily for both studio and low light environment.
  • Price- ₹1,86,995

2. Canon EF 70-300mm

  •  This is the second best lens we want to show you, whose focal length ranges from 70-300mm and it offers you ultra compact telephoto zoom.
  •  The special thing is that it has a Zoom ring locking mechanism that locks the lens at its shortest total length.
  •  And also tell you that it has a three layer DO lens.
  • Its 300mm quality is fully stable and gives excellent results.
  • Price- ₹1,13,516

3. Canon EF-S 55-250mm

  •  This is the third best lens which provides you high zoom ratio and is also compact and lightweight.
  • Its focal length and maximum aperture is 55-250mm F/4-5.6.
  •  For this you get 12 elements in 10 Groups, Including One UD-glass Element.
  •  Its closest focusing distance is up to 3.6 Ft./1.1m.
  • Price- 18000

So you can buy it and make your photography even better. Hope this has given you a lot to know and helps you in choosing the best one.